Tuesday, October 21, 2008

J.G. Jones Apologizes for Final Crisis Delays, Unfinished Work

Over at Comic Book Resources, reknowned artist J.G. Jones has issued an apology for the delays to and his unfinished work on DC Comics' FINAL CRISIS. Jones has drawn the first three issues of the event title, and with tomorrow's issue number four, is joined by Carlos Pacheco on art to help keep the title on time. Recently it was announced that Doug Mahnke would be the sole artist on issue seven, the final issue in the series, confirming rumors that Jones was running late on his art chores. While the book itself had skipped a month in shipping, this was a planned break for story purposes, but then release dates continued to slide. Jones's apology comes after a stern "no comment" from the artist; clearly the guy isn't happy with his own work.

Meanwhile, over at Newsarama and at CBR's own forums, there have been a number of anonymous posters continually spewing vitriol in the artist's direction, as comic book artists in general have been producing artwork at a generally slower pace. To see this example as well only fuels the fire, and Mr. Jones has unfortunately felt the heat.

This is a call to all comic book fans: listen, guys, if we can't enjoy solid, detailed artwork in an EVENT TITLE that isn't a continuing series, then when can we enjoy it? Look at All-Star Superman: 12 issues over two and a half years. Quality artwork and writing. Jones probably would have had the final issue done in time for a February release, but instead we're getting Mahnke's pencils, which isn't a bad thing at all. I don't feel a need to call out Jones for a slow production when his work was as solid as it was.

Somebody, anybody go give Mr. Jones a hug and tell him it's all right. From what I read in his apology, he's taken this pretty hard.

Assholes are to the internet like moths are to the flame. It can get pretty harsh sometimes, but now is not the time for this guy.

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